Awwww Celemony Turns 10!!!

Celemony, the company responsible for people thinking 90% of the rappers can actually sing has turned 10 and instead of being selfish and demanding everyone take a day off and cater to my every whim… I mean their whim.. *shifts eyes* they have decided to give us gifts. You just have to do one thing to enter to win one of these AWESOME wooden boxes!!! You’ll have to click that sweet link at the bottom of this post to get that. I’m seriously trying to show off the new format to make the page look better by creating a drop down link IN THE PAGE unlike other sites who only care about page views. Yea you know who you are.

We’ve been around now for 10 years; and so, for 10 years, has Melodyne. We would like to express our thanks with ten of the legendary wooden boxes in which the first Melodyne was delivered. Each box contains a license for Melodyne editor, for Melodyne studio and for all Celemony software products released in the next 10 years. Whoever gets a box will receive all the software products and updates released by Celemony until the year 2020 free of charge.
To participate in the prize draw, all you have to do is….

leave us a birthday greeting. Starting now: in our Forum, on our Facebook wall, or on our MySpace page—whichever you like. Three people whose names are drawn from among those leaving greetings will each receive one of the ten boxes. We are most looking forward, naturally, to greetings with a touch of originality—a short film, a Melodyne anecdote, a poem or something of that kind. The fourth box will go to the person who comes up with the best greeting, selected by our jury. The closing date for entries is the 16th January 2011, the last day of the NAMM Show, where Melodyne was presented for the first time 10 years ago.*

So go make those comments on either their forum or facebook and make sure you’re creative and you might be lucky enough to get the remaining 9 boxes – Yes I said 9 because my comment I left on there takes the cake. It has everything… Birthdays, Pee, Kanye West…. Yea… don’t even try… just enter the contest like everyone else and HOPE they have mercy on your souls and not just go ahead and give me all 10. Good luck… I’m not even gonna post the links to this cuz I’m all about me!!