Telefunken Releases AK-47 mk II

This post comes courtesy of a very friendly Canadian man called Bruce who has conveniently decided to drive the remaining three and a half hours of our trip back to Houston. So for the rest of the day your assignment is to find a Canadian and punch… I mean… thank them.
What we have today is Telefunken’s new cheaper R-F-T line of mics. This particular mic is based on the company’s crown jewel (in my opinion) the U-47. I actually got to use one of those when I spent a day in NRG Studios in Hollywood. I’ve never actually understood why there’s those people who marry inanimate objects, but I have to admit… I did cop a feel when we were alone. It was cold… ….. …..Oh! I dazed off for a second there. Anyways!!

“The R-F-T line of tube condenser microphones utilizes American designed electronics in conjunction with New Old Stock tubes and standardized parts from overseas manufacturers. While we have not “cut any corners,” we have been able to provide a lower cost alternative to more expensive microphone systems, without sacrificing the qualities that you would expect from a TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphone.”

I REALLY wanna get my hands (shut up!!! it was one time and I mean figuratively) on one of these and at some point when I have $1700.00 available, I’ll probably buy one, but until then I’ll reminisce of the one that got away.