Waves Releases PreSonus Waves Gold Package

I’m in a rush today because Allie has threatened my life and told me if I do not come with her to run errands then she will track down my first dog I ever had as a child, bring it back to life, kill it, then desecrate it’s corpse on live TV. So please understand if my wit has run a little short today because frankly, I slept with one eye open last night thinking she was going to come at me with a baseball bat as she’s said before, “Beat all of this random studio knowledge out of my head and replace it with the Owl City Firefly Song”
Anyways before I suddenly “forget all about everything” Waves has teamed up with Presonus to give us the Waves Presonus Gold Package. Finally you can get the incredible Waves Gold Bundle with an interface for $1000. Usually the Gold Package itself is that much but if you’re looking for a great combo to start strong with, here ya go.

Now’s the time to get the home studio you’ve always dreamed of, for less than you’ve ever imagined.
The Waves Gold Presonus Special is a limited time promotion beginning October 20, 2010;
offer good while supplies last. Waves reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.
Prices are MSRP. Waves Gold bundle included in this promotion is Native only;
FireStudio Mobile is covered by a one year warranty from PreSonus USA.
Orders outside the USA are subject to additional charges for duties, taxes, and shipping.

All purchases include one full year of Waves Update Plan coverage.
Visit our online store or contact your dealer to save even more!

Sweet deal now go out there a buy this awes….. Oh no… She heard me typing… she’s coming this way… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE CALL 9-1-……………….