Xmas Idea #10: Studio Projects LSM Mic

Seen here in Pretty Pretty Princess Pink (My Favorite!!) we have the studio projects LSM mic which stands for little square mic… uhh Mic. Seems a bit redundant to put Mic after already having mic in the name. What sets Mic Mic here apart from all of the others is that it has a normal XLR jack AND a USB jack to go in the computer too. I can vouch for Studio Projects because I use their C4 matched pair for overheads on drums and they hold their own so I have no doubts this is no different. At $179, its a bit more than most other USB mics but this one can transition into your setup when it expands to a new pre-amp or console.

Studio Projects announces the release of its latest studio condenser microphone, the LSM (Little Square Mic). Featuring dual outputs, analog mini-XLR and USB, the LSM is as versatile as it is great-sounding.
Boasting a 34mm Von Braun- muhl and Weber-style transducer coupled to a discrete Class-A JFET impedance converter, the Studio Projects LSM has excellent off-axis rejection and easily handles high SPLs beyond 130dB! By virtue of its classic capsule design, discrete electronics and robust build quality, the LSM is geared towards professional recording, but its clever design allows seamless integration into your DDE (Digital Desktop Ensemble) whether for Skype, iChat, podcasting, or video conferencing. The LSM features a compact, thin profile with an integrated, folding yoke that permits the mic to sit on a flat surface freely, or mount onto a mic stand. Equally at home in the studio, or concert hall, the LSM is portable and easy to set up. The XLR output, with supplied cable, is a standard +48v solid state, Class A discrete signal path, while the USB output allows direct connection to Windows or Mac based systems with ease. Choose from four different colors to best suit your tastes and enjoy the sonic flavor of an LSM today!

Look lets face it, you’re going to order pink so HERE’s the link