XMas Idea #9 Melodyne Offers Essential Version

Does your significant other record a lot and you have to put up with vocals like THIS but don’t have the money for auto-tune or hospital bills from stabbing yourself in the ears? Well Melodyne is here to save your sanity. Lets face it, even I need pitch correction and I’m a modern day Luther Vandross wrapped in Jared Leto’s body complete with Shakira’s dancing abilities. So why wouldn’t you or any loved one you have that claims to be the next big thing need pitch correction too? Now Melodyne is offering their Essential “tell me about it” package to ease your woes. and its only $69!!

The Best Technology, the Best Sound
Melodyne essential is the most affordable point of entry into the incomparable world of Melodyne. Correct and optimize monophonic or rhythmic audio material in the manner only Melodyne allows. Perfect the intonation and timing via macro or in a more targeted way by hand. Transpose, move or erase notes and copy individual notes or entire passages to different locations.
Quickly to Hand

Melodyne essential operates directly within your audio workstation. You hear all edits in the context of the other tracks of your project and can use as many instances as you wish and your computer will allow. And for the swift editing of a sample between times, you can open Melodyne essential in stand-alone mode without having to start up your audio workstation first.

Open For Upgrades
Melodyne essential offers you a great deal of functionality for very little money. And this investment makes still more sense if you wish to upgrade to Melodyne assistant (additional tools and functions), Melodyne editor (also polyphonic material) or Melodyne studio (multi-track) at a later date. Attractive upgrade options are available to all editions. So you can’t lose by entering here. The small step to Melodyne essential could become a giant leap in the future.

To buy this groundbreaking piece of software, click HERE