Xmas Ideas For The Musical Person In Your Life #1

I’m going to step a bit out of the recording realm here and help you with a broad range of gift ideas for that special someone who likes to toy around with recording or just playing music in general. I’m going to try to feature one a day until either Christmas or I get sick of looking at things and get jealous that you have a girlfriend who will get you presents.
I would be remiss if I didn’t kick this off with something I got in my inbox the other day that answers the one question I get asked constantly.
Is there some sort of all-in-one bundle I can get to record and if there is, which one should I get?
And now I finally have the answer. BEHOLD: The recording bundle Everything Recording endorses NOTE: Its kinda pricey.

There you have it. You better jump on this one quick because these things are going to go fast. Parents… this is perfect because it kills a lot of birds with one stone. You get to buy that spoiled brat a computer and an APPLE at that, you get him everything he or she needs to record minus the instruments, and all for around a grand. Yes I know its $1000 but society has deemed that your love of your child is determined by how much you spend on them and this would say “I love you so much I’m going to try to force you to record and become famous so I can live vicariously through you like those pageant moms.” FANTASTIC thinking. I can’t wait to have kids!
In order to get this item, you’re going to have to call up your local Guitar Center AKA: THE FREAKIN DEVIL AKA: Guitarget AKA: The place where I went to buy a guitar and 5 minutes later someone busted my window out and tried to break into my truck. I really hope you appreciate this because I just defamed my site by posting that horrible store’s name on it. I’ve got to go wash the shame off of me now. I’m not even gonna post a link to it… I’m sorry… you have Google on this one champ!