Who's Looking Out For You?

The questionable answer is ME. Seeing as I sit here and scour the internet and filter out all of the useless info you don’t need to know and give you all of the stuff that only interests me that is of utmost importance. This time I run across a deal that if you do not go buy for your DAW, I will beat you with your own smart phone and choke slam you into a ditch metaphorically. Remember when I gave you these two (one here and here) reviews on IK Multimedia T-racks. Well here’s your chance to get one of them for $10. That’s 90% off of the normal price. If this link doesn’t work your too late and my condolences to your wallet and your neck because now you’re getting choked out emotionally with this post for not reading this site before you did. I really know how to keep readers don’t I? IF YOU LEAVE I SWEAR I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND bring pizza (I hate pizza) and make fun of your decorations.
Ok I’m sorry I’m so aggressive today. I just watched the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter and now I wanna wrassle!!!
HERE is where you can get the plug-in.