Zildjian AE Cymbals

Finally, Something worth while in the trampoline-head ridden electronic drum industry. I’ll be the first to tell you, I have a hatred for electronic drums. They have horrible response and are way too bouncy. On top of that, the cymbals are always plastic and feel like I’m 3 years old, hitting my moms Tupperware lids (there mom you CAUGHT me I admit it.) This could be a step in the right direction and who better to do it than my favorite cymbal company, Zildjian. Plus just look at that thing with its LEDs and crazy holes.

One of the biggest stories at this year’s NAMM Convention is the debut of Gen16’s the AE (Acoustic Electric) Cymbal.
While electronic drums and percussion have been around for years, the AE Cymbal is a completely new twist that uses established technology to create essentially a completely new instrument. “The Acoustic Electric Cymbal is capable of creating a wide range of sounds, from that of a classic Zildjian cymbal to some very non-traditional sounds,” explains Zildjian’s VP of New Business & Product Development, John Roderick. “For drummers, it will have an inspirational impact akin to what the acoustic electric guitar has done for guitarists.”
Unlike most existing electronic percussion systems, the AE Cymbal is not a sample trigger device. Instead, it’s an actual cymbal, and plays like one, but at reduced volume levels, utilizing a unique dual microphone and DSP engine to amplify and model the cymbal’s output.

Wanna see a short video? Of course you do

I have no clue the price of these but I’m interested. To keep up to date, keep checking HERE