Beyerdynamic DT 1350 Headphones

I just feel awful about not posting updates for a day. I’m sure you already can tell just how sorry I am from the 48 text messages and 12 voicemails I sent crying “TAKE ME BAAAAAACCKKK” Oh you never left, In that case, those were a joke!!! ……*Awkward silence.
Soooooooooooo, Beyerdynamic just came out with my next set of headphones. These guys make very comfy headphones and some even come with classy velour around the ear pads. *Members only jacket and molestache not included

German audio specialist beyerdynamic launches another innovative product highlight. Handcrafted in Heilbronn, the DT 1350 is the first professional monitoring headphone in beyerdynamic’s new generation of headphones that feature Tesla technology.
The completely re-engineered Tesla drivers create a headphone which delivers an enormous degree of efficiency with extremely low levels of distortion, allowing the DT 1350 to produce a perfectly balanced, accurate sound even at the highest volumes.
A combination of highly efficient ambient noise reduction and an impressive maximum sound pressure level of 129 dB make the DT 1350 an ideal compact over-ear headphone for any environment. Regardless of whether you are a sound engineer monitoring PA systems, a live musician, or a DJ, the DT 1350 delivers every time. The perfectly balanced, accurate sound means the headphone works perfectly for every day studio use or when simply enjoying music at home or on the move. The Tesla system provides enormous power for a dynamic, undistorted sound.
Stylish, yet functional in design, the DT 1350 is manufactured in Germany using high quality materials to create a headphone that is both extremely durable and easy to use. The removable, soft ear cushions and flexible headband ensure the headphones sit securely and remain comfortable even during prolonged periods of use. The ear cups swivel 90° allowing “single-ear” monitoring.

The DT 1350 is available as of late January 2011. For more information about the DT 1350 and the Tesla technology, click HERE, Ooops, I’m a little rusty. Thats C’s website. Go there too, then click, HERE