The BBB in the name is for BBB BBB ch ch errra erraa BBB BB BBB BB schhhh ch ch wikka wikk Aww crap there’s spit all over the mic. You can have it now. Lemme see what you got. What? As long as your mom don’t have cooties, I don’t OOOOOO BURN!!!!
Beatboxing is actually a pretty tough thing to do and you don’t want your crappe Samson mic getting all boomy and distorted when you’re laying down fresh mouth beats so AKG has designed a mic to work in situations that require insane dynamics and lots of bad breath.

The BBB DFive is a dynamic vocal microphone for solo performing and lead vocals on stage and in the studio. This supercardioid dynamic microphone ensures high gain before feedback and delivers a powerful sound throughout the entire range of any multivocalist. The BBB DFive has been derived from the D 5/D 5 S microphone. Its most remarkable new feature is an optimized internal windscreen that prevents wind noise even in lip-contact use without altering the microphone’s finely accurate high-frequency response.
The patented Laminated Varimotion diaphragm deep-drawing process allows the diaphragm to be fine-tuned with no need for extra tuning resonators, leading to a quantum leap in audio performance. The dual shock mount eliminates any kind of mechanical noise for trouble-free live use. The audience will hear nothing but the pristine sound of your voice!
The user manual contains a section on basic beatboxing techniques, and the BBB DFive microphone has been appointed the official Beatbox Battle® microphone for the coming years.

The mic is available HERE for $172 or 119 Euros
For more info on the mic which is basically what I copy and pasted for you lazy people, Click HERE