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Whats up. Today we have the release of Arturia’s Analog Laboratory
I actually own the older Analog Factory virtual instrument and I really like it. Most of the presets add a very different vibe to your tracks while still fitting in with the mix. The problem with most of the virtual instruments is they try very hard to be unique and they end up clashing with your mix, but Arturia has found a way to have their own voice, yet fit in with your style. And now they’ve released an even better version called Analog Laboratory.

Arturia announces that Analog Laboratory will be available for sale on November 25. Analog Laboratory is an extremely powerful software synthesizer solution. It offers 3500 legendary classic synthesizer sounds with a unique interface to tweak them all as well as the ability to edit each of them in depth, in the original synthesizer. With the addition of 200 scenes organized by genres, including drum loops and advanced arpeggiation melodies, Analog Laboratory is likely to become the reference synth workstation.
Main Features: o    3500 synthesizer sounds selected from the Arturia Classic Synths (minimoog-V, Moog
modular V, CS-80V, Prophet-V, ARP2600 V and Jupiter-8V).

o    Full screen preset editing (for owners of Arturia Classic Analog recreations only): Analog Laboratory allows opening any other Arturia Classic Synth plugin for in depth patch edition in a separate window. It is also possible to assign any of the 4 key parameters of the Laboratory to one knob of choice inside the favourite software synthesizer.
o    Scene mode: It allows to: – Combine 2 synthesizer sounds over a MIDI keyboard in either split, layer or multi
configuration. – Assign melodic phrases based on advanced arpeggiation thanks to the library of 200
melodies organized by genres. – Trigger Drum loops from the pads thanks to a library of 350 Rex files.
o    Organize Presets view by Name, Instrument, Type, CPU usage, Favorites, or User Preset.
o    Fast filter the presets to meet requirements: by Instrument, Type and Characteristics
o    TAE® powered sounds with unparalleled audio quality.
o    Midi Learn Controllers: 1 clickable encoder, 10 encoders, 8 sliders, 11 switches, 1 modulation wheel, 1 pitch bend wheel.

MSRP: $299/Eur269
INTRODUCTORY OFFER: The first 1000 units are sold at discount price: Buy Analog Laboratory for the price of Analog Factory. Instead of $299/Eur269, pay $249/Eur229.
To learn more, Click HERE
To buy, Click HERE

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