Xmas Idea #4

This is the Alesis Video Track and its catered to the market of musicians wanting to have a video recorder that doesn’t require excess video editing or a whole separate mic set up. Its perfect for the person who wants to shoot live videos for YouTube with great audio quality. I know a lot of video recorders nowadays skimp on the audio portion and a concert can sound like you’re riding in the back of a buddy’s truck on the freeway, but this one is different. We have 2 condenser mics set up on it for superb stereo audio. I don’t think it’s HD, but if its going on a video sharing site and you’re wanting more emphasis on the audio, I would go this route.

Bring the Alesis VideoTrack to lessons, use it to capture your blog, grab a great feed of your kid’s recital, keep it with you to record random moments with friends and family… whatever you do, it’ll be easy to take those videos and share them. You can even capture still photos, so the VideoTrack replaces your clunky old digital camera. It connects to your Mac or PC computer via USB for pain-free file transfer and the VideoTrack records to affordable SD cards. Couldn’t be easier — thanks, Alesis!
Alesis VideoTrack Handheld Video Recorder Features at a Glance:

  • Handheld audio and video SD recorder — and still-image camera
  • Create web-ready video that’s perfect for sharing
  • Great for uploading to social sites such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Features a high-quality stereo condenser microphone set
  • Quality video lens and advanced DSP image-processing
  • Runs on internal rechargeable battery, or wall-power source
  • Records to standard SD and SDHC cards
  • Connects via USB to Mac or PC for easy video transfer

Its also small, so you can sneak it into places and catch video gold like this

Price: $199 Available HERE