Tonehammer: Your Dog Won't Hate You Anymore

Ahhhh… Finally a company after my own heart. In this world where people are way too uptight about their products, Tonehammer emerges. I really like how they don’t take themselves too seriously, just like this very site you’re reading.
Remember those calenders where you get to eat a chocolate for each day as a countdown to Christmas? Of course you do, you pathetic fat slob!! You probably ate them all the first day right? Now the incredibly witty guys over at Tonehammer have taken that same concept and replaced crappy cheap chocolate with free hand-made sound libraries. Not only do they hand record them personally, they use VERY strange devices to make them (one example being they all huffed a whole tank of helium just to make you a choir to cater to the little elves who sneak into your room at night to steal your socks and sing catchy little tunes like this.) So now that I’ve established these guys are pretty hardcore, go to their site and buy something from them right now… dooo it, dooo it do it. They’re even giving away free stuff!! If that isn’t enough motivation, watch their infomercial!

To go buy their awesome products including a sound library made from beating the crap out of a 1991 Dodge Shadow CLICK HERE

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