Cascade Knuckle Head

Been looking for a new Ribbon to add to your “go to” collection? Of course you are. What we have here is the Cascade Knuckle Head ribbon mic. This mic has the same artifacts as the famed “Fat Head” ribbon mic used by Steely Dan and many other pro’s in the business. I actually have an Elroy and I’m very partial to it so I’m sure this mic is just as versatile. You have the choice of the polished nickel black body or my personal favorite, the antique copper.

The Knuckle Head is a passive ribbon microphone that combines the acoustic components of the successful Fat Head ribbon with a shockmounted headbasket design reminiscent of early broadcast microphones.
The ribbon motor uses Neodymium magnets surrounding a 2.5-micron corrugated aluminum ribbon measuring 5mm x 45mm. The ribbon is mounted symmetrically within the magnetic gap, making the Knuckle Head suitable as the “mid” mic in a MS setup — the front and back of the mic should produce the same sound.
The ribbon motor and headbasket are suspended within a 6-inch diameter metal hoop by eight springs. The output transformer is located within the cylindrical shaft below the shockmount hoop.
The Knuckle Head ships with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and a mic clip in a padded aluminum flight case. It will be available in either of two finishes, with an optional Lundahl 2912 or Cinemag CM-9888 transformer upgrade.

I’m not completely sure on price yet but they will be shipping very soon.
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