Drawmer MX Pro

Trans Audio Group is a pretty big player in the high end audio sector of the studio industry and Drawmer is included in that heavy hitting lineup of products. Drawmer has decided to revise their already stellar MX series into the MX Pro series. They also put all of the pres at a competitive price. Speaking of competitive, I am completely stomping Everything Recording reader John at iPhone scrabble BAD. If anyone dares challenge me, I will destroy them… Unless your name is Colton because he kills me every single time and was starting to make me cry.

Drawmer, one of the last great English pro audio manufacturers proudly announces a revision to their popular MX Series – now called MX Pro. These single rack-space analog processors offer Drawmer’s best value and are still handmade in the Drawmer UK factory. Like all of the gates, compressors and preamps that bear Ivor Drawmer’s name, the MX Pro Series benefits from the renowned engineer’s gift for designing circuitry that is as musical as it is functional. Those in the know will
recognize the new MX Pro units have the traditional “Drawmer black” faceplates, a visual homage to Drawmer’s twenty-eight year heritage as the leader in dynamics control for live and studio applications.
Four units currently comprise the Drawmer MX Pro Series: MX30 compressor, MX40 four-channel gate, MX50 De-Esser and MX60 Channel Strip. All of them rely on Drawmer’s proprietary circuitry and deliver a well-considered mixture of automatic functionality and intuitive, musical controls. Combo XLR and 1/4-inch jacks accommodate any infrastructure, live or studio. “The MX Pro Series delivers unparalleled sound for the money with all the Drawmer
innovations while still being built to last,” said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group, the U.S. Distributor for Drawmer.

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