Prime Vibe System

Recording acoustic guitars is almost an art and when you’re tracking, you want every possible thing going for you (much like having a girlfriend.) This device is one more thing on your side. The Prime Vibe System does what would usually take years to do, age your guitar. As your guitar (much like your spouse’s looks) gets older (don’t give me that look yet ladies) the sound improves. See, yall got worked up over nothing. Well this does what time and a great deal of playing does, it wears the tone of the wood in by pumping some other better guitar players playing into the top of the guitar. I suggest Monte Montgomery, but just know that yes, it will improve the tone of the guitar, but it won’t make you a better guitar player by osmosis. So don’t come crying to me when you have an incredible sounding guitar you can’t play. This device is basically like handing your wife over to a gigolo because you’re too busy huffing glue in your basement.
Personally, I’m out of town a lot so this is great for me. I have a broken in guitar with optimal tone when I pick it up and start recording.
All jokes aside, I’m probably going to get one of these for the studio. I’ve got a j-45 who doesn’t get enough attention.
I just got a GREAT Idea: While my room mate is sleeping, I’m going to pump a Fran Drescher audio book into this thing and put it on his neck to see if it makes him sound like her. Muuuhahahahahahahaha
Here’s a video of Prime-Vibe in action. Its a genius concept that I would have never thought of the get better tone out of your acoustic instruments.

Price $99.00
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