Dynamount Robotic Mic Mounts

Say goodbye to the lowly intern. This is truly one of those “why didn’t I think of this” sort of ideas. Dynamount is a remote controlled mic system that allows you to make all of the small moves needed for that perfect take – all from the comfort of your chair in the mix room. There are 4 systems to chose from, each of them allowing different freedom of movement. Having the option to remotely move mics from behind the speakers allows the engineer to eliminate phase issues and dial in the perfect sound.
Right now Dynamount is having a Kickstarter campaign and are offering some early bird specials, head on down to the page at the bottom of this post to see what (if anything) is left. The target goal is pretty much met in 2 days which shows this was a much needed addition to recording.


They easily work with the microphones and mic stands you already own and enable precise position/orientation changes at the touch of a button from your computer or mobile device. Additionally, you can save multiple positions as presets giving you the freedom to perform true A/B comparisons on various mic placements. While designing the four DynaMount models, our aim was to make powerful and time-saving tools for all recording studios, musicians, & live sound engineers.

  • Wi-Fi Controlled

  • Save Mic Positions As Presets

  • Easy & Precise A/B Comparisons

  • Works With Most Microphones & Mic Stands

  • Free iOS, Android, & Web Apps (all coming soon)

  • Strong enough for horizontal, vertical, & inclined use

For more information, and to try to grab one of the early bird specials, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/948299695/dynamount-robotic-microphone-mounts/video_share