Earthworks 15th Birthday

Most 15th birthdays end with some chick crying because someone else wore the same thing to the party that she did. Good grief I don’t miss those days. No no no you read that wrong, I DID NOT wear girls clothes at 15. Not that my mom didn’t try to make me. I really think they wanted a daughter.

Earthworks, Inc., the world’s only manufacturer of High Definition Microphones™ for recording, live sound, and test/measurement applications, is pleased to announce that November 2010 marked the company’s 15th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of microphones for a wide range of audio applications. To celebrate this milestone in the company’s compelling history, Earthworks is pleased to announce the introduction of an unrivaled, 15-year warranty for all new purchases. This provides customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing the company is dedicated to superior products with industry-leading support.

Man that would suck if you bought some mics a week before they announced this. I’d show up at Earthworks HQ and do this

To buy Earthworks Mics, Click HERE. I even set the link so you can see everything. Aren’t I handy?