Sontronics Halo

Well if you too have that awful Beyonce song stuck in your head that so egregiously shares the same name as this mic, well, there’s nothing I can do for you because I’m in the same boat. Let’s hope they don’t use it on the add campaign.
Anyways Sontronics is known for making mics that perform at a much higher value than their price tag while at the same time somehow find a way to look classy. Well this mic appears no different, and on top of that, it seems to have a specific task… guitar cabinets. The best part is the design of putting the capsule shockmounted to the ring to stop from getting jarred by all of those guitarist flailing around on stage. Too bad it couldn’t save you from THIS guitarist.

Sontronics HALO is a dynamic microphone that has been specifically designed for guitarists.

Sontronics HALO Guitar Microphone The microphone features a dynamic capsule suspended in a circular frame, similar to the Sontronics SATURN and again, inspired by vintage radio mics of the 1940s.

The HALO is based on the technology found inside Sontronics’ STC-80 handheld dynamic mic, which gives great results on guitar amps and cabs as well as the vocals it was originally designed to handle. HALO reproduces all the bite, crunch and power that you want from a guitar amp but without needing to touch the EQ. What’s more, the springs that are built into the smart circular design help to isolate the mic from stage or floor vibrations.

This striking microphone has been designed and developed here in the UK by Sontronics’ founder and mic designer, Trevor Coley. “As a guitarist myself, I’ve always longed for something more interesting than a regular handheld dynamic to put in front of my guitar amp,” says Coley, “
Since launching the STC-80 a couple of years back, it’s become a best seller for us and users always tell us that it sounds amazing on guitar amps, both live and in the studio. So, we’ve incorporated dynamic capsule from the STC-80, tuned the frequency response and added a bit of design flair to create a microphone that guitarists won’t want to live without!
Frequency response: 50Hz – 15kHz
Sensitivity: -54dB
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Impedance: ?600 Ohms
Connector: 3-pin XLR

Price on this bad boy is about $210.00
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