Eiosis AirEQ

The illusive plugin we’ve been obsessively refreshing the webpage of has arrived! Slate co-founder is back with his vision of the ultimate in EQ plugins. AirEQ is guaranteed to add a whole new creative workflow to your mixed with several elemental attributes to inject the utmost in musical quality to your tracks. Now if I can just track down his de-esser plugin ported to AAX, my life will be complete.

With its unprecedented Character and Strength parameters, Air and Earth bands, ease of use, intuitive and musical features, AirEQ is truly unique in design.
Additionally, with its transparent and precise sound, zero-delay processing and low CPU, you will always get the best quality processing without any compromise.
That’s why AirEQ is ideal for Mastering, Mixing, Post-Production, and any situation where getting the best musical sound, fastest performance, and intuitive workflow is of the utmost importance
AirEQ’s revolutionary Character parameter goes Beyond Analog : in order to adjust precisely and continuously the resonance of each band, it changes the shape of the equalization curve, from the smooth Water curve to the focused Fire curve. It is the most elegant and artistic way to control resonances quickly and intuitively.
Water : the smoothest sound possible, open and natural, ideal for transparency.
Clear highs, compact bass and balanced mids.
Fire : very tight and focused sound, with punch and impact, ideal for precision.
Snappy mids, sharp highs and powerful lows.
Neutral :  the usual equalization curves, perfectly matched to their analog references.
The Air and Earth bands are a new and easy way to adjust high and low frequencies. The Earth is amazing to boost the very low end of any track, because it never sounds boomy thanks to the unique design of its phase response. The Air is an incredibly smooth and silky high frequency adjustment, perfect for breathing life into any track.

Price $99 (Introductory until Dec 1 then goes up to $149)
For more information and to buy, visit http://www.eiosis.com