FCS P3S Stereo Compressor

Continuing today’s outboard gear posts is the FCS P3S Stereo Compressor and it’s been getting quite a bit acclaim on a few of the big recording forums. Its got a really nice vintage look to it as well.

The term “Swiss Army Knife” gets thrown around a lot with regard to recording gear…
The P3S stereo compressor makes many devices seem more like spoons.
Switch between feedforward and feedback topology, different automatic time constants for nearly-mindless operation, tailor the audio yourself with variable attack and release controls, engage multiple (or all) functions at once for new and interesting compression effects, or leave all buttons out for teeth-grinding distortion. Combine all of this with a pristine audio path and great metering, and you’re left with the Foote Control Systems P3S.
Differences between this and the 500 unit include a higher-grade external power supply, and a transformer-balanced output. You can also buy a transformerless version as well if you really want one.

Price: $1700.00
For more info and to buy, click HERE