Focusrite iTrack Pocket

It seems like YouTube is flooded with horrible covers of already horrible songs. Internet has somehow convinced everyone that they’re all stars and most of them sound like they were recorded using tin cans and string attached to a cassette recorder and somehow precariously dangling from their knees in a horrible angle. Don’t be one of those people, get an iTrack Pocket. This solves both of the attention-hungry star’s obstacles by allowing optimal camera angle due to the dock position and a stereo mic. You even get an app to edit the audio and video with Impact by Focusrite which adds effects and normalizes your audio.

Any musician who uses their iPhone to record videos knows that it never does justice to their sound. Yet with the growing number of singer-songwriters being discovered through YouTube, it’s more important than ever to capture sound that stands out.

That’s why Focusrite have designed iTrack Pocket: a super portable, high quality stereo microphone and guitar input that connects to your iPhone to let you create and share videos that sound as good as they look. It holds your phone at the perfect angle for recording, then captures your performance in HD video with audio that eclipses the quality of your phone’s mic.

When you’re finished, you can easily edit your video and apply mastering effects using the ‘Impact by Focusrite’ app, then share directly to YouTube with outstanding quality. Just check this out:

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MSRP: $125.99 / $99.99 at dealers

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