Great River: 500 Series Harrison EQ

I need to hit a second wind on funny crap to say because this is getting tougher especially when half of my readers don’t really read to learn about studio equipment. Yall read for my nonsense like embarrassing stories about me locking myself in my own car and me dancing around like an idiot when I was in highschool. See now your making me post actual video to support that. You better be glad I have no pride and can laugh at myself cuz if I didn’t, you’d be reading every other news site. I’ll put that video at the end of this now lets get to the tech stuff. Here’s where some of you zone out but you shouldn’t
Great River makes… well… Great preamps and now they’ve ventured into 500 series by making this EQ.

The Great River Electronics 32EQ is a new 500-series form-factor design of the EQ and filters from the renowned Harrison 32 Series consoles.   The 32EQ incorporates the original specifications and with support  directly from the original designers at Harrison Consoles it is  guaranteed that the prized characteristics of the original are  maintained in the new design.
The  proprietary design of the equalization stages alows ful  reciprocal  operation of the boost/cut controls both as to frequency and  to phase  response. Special circuitry automaticaly adjusts the effective   bandwidth under al conditions. Continuously variable frequency selection   and boost or cut amount provides proper equalization for almost any   desired effect.
The high band extends from 800 Hz to 16 kHz.  The two mid-ranges are  overlapping; one extends from 400 Hz to 8 kHz  while the other goes from  200 Hz to 4 kHz. The low range covers 40 Hz to  800 Hz. Additionaly,  the low and high ranges are selectable to be  either shelving or  peaking. The mid-ranges are peaking.
There is an  in/out switch for the four bands of boost/cut equalization.
The  parametric high-pass and low-pass filters have 12dB per octave  cut off  characteristics. They are of an all electronic design, and  contain no  inductors. The high-pass filter has a range of 25 Hz to 2.75  kHz and the  low-pass filter extends from 160 Hz to 20 kHz.  Continuously variable  controls alow both subtle
corrections as wel as special effects.  There is a separate switch for  the filters so that they can be inserted  into the signal path  independently of the equalizer.
The equalizer is a unity gain design, delivering excelent noise and headroom performance.

There’s no price set on this and the site hasn’t even updated to show it being available, so keep checking back HERE
What? You want to see the video, what video…. CRAP I thought the razzle dazzle of big words would make you forget. Fine! Here it is. Guess which one was me… better yet… don’t its best you don’t lose too much respect for me.