Griffon Microphones GMT-47F

Griffon GMT-47

While not available in the United States, Europe has a great new spin on classic mics. Griffon Microphones have taken the K47 style capsule and developed a mic with tons of character and vibe.

This microphone has been specially designed not to be transparent.
It is the ideal tool for producers seeking the musicality and strong character of the microphone. Your best friend for big vocals & instruments recording.
This is not a clone it is a unique new tool for your production.

Cardioid microphone
Historic k47 capsule 34 mm single backplate
Membrane composition: 3-micron Mylar, sputtered with Gold
Transistor jFET classe A (selected)
Vishay Sprague condensateur
Lundahl Output Transformer Iron core
SPL 130dB
Sensitivity: 22mv/pa
Equivalent noise = 12dBA
Power Requirement: +48v Phantom power
Impedance 200 Ohm
HandMade in France
The Griffon GMT-47F includes

Elastic shockmount
Wood case

CAPSULE: Own proprietary Capsule type K47 single backplate Mylar gold diaphragme

After studying, selecting, and listening a ton of possibility of high quality capacitors and all prices ranging from 1.5 € to more than 50 € …

MKP capacitor, MKT, MKS, wax paper, oil, silver, ect … But something was wrong !
it was too clean! too HiFi! ! not enough color !
And so i found it !

The nightmare of audiophile !
the Vishay sprague aluminum polarized capacitor is revealing to be the most interesting ! Color! distortion! non linearity!
And it adds musicality , tone , and smooth flavor


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