IK Multimedia Releases iKlip For iPad 2

I’m actually trying to write this post from my iPad with my own iKlip I have over here at EverythingRecording HQ. This post might look a little different because I’m testing Word Press for iPad. Plus it takes a little longer. So basically IK Multimedia released a new update to the wildly popular iKlip, giving it more ipaddyness (ok I don’t like that but it’s too hard to delete on here so it stays) by letting you put either an old stupid iPad OR a great, new, thinner, iPad 2. At least that’s how Apple makes you feel.
IK says:

“IK Multimedia is proud to announce that iKlip, the universal mic stand mounting kit for iPad, will soon also support the new iPad 2 with the addition of four easy snap-in adapters.
With the iKlip for iPad mounting accessory, musicians and presenters can use their original iPad or their new iPad 2 on stage, in the studio or at school, making it easy to support and operate their favorite music and presentation apps on virtually any microphone stand.
The new mounting kit maintains the same standards in strength and flexibility while taking into account the slimmer new version of Apple’s popular tablet. The snap-in adapters were specifically designed for the iPad 2’s dimensions, allowing for a perfect fit inside the mount. Thanks to the new adapters, users can mount their original iPad or iPad 2 to a mic stand quickly and easily. The new iPad 2 snap-in adapters are also available separately for existing owners of iKlip.
The iKlip’s structure also accommodates another new feature of the iPad 2, the new back-facing camera. Plus, the iKlip’s multi-angle, adjustable design allows for optimal viewing and access to all of the iPad’s controls, buttons and connection ports, and allows positioning of an iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation. Its dense, thermoplastic lightweight material ensures durability and secure holding of the iPad with most stand types.”

The iKlip for iPad/iPad 2 will be shipping in June for only $39.99/€29.99 (excluding taxes) from the IK Multimedia online store and select IK Multimedia music and electronic retailers worldwide. Previous iKlip users will be able to get the new snap-in adapters directly from IK Multimedia or selected distributors.
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