Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel

Most of us cannot play pedal steel and with Country music being a juggernaut, we need tracks. Sure, you can hire a player, but that could end up time-consuming, resulting in an end product you don’t necessarily like. Let Pedal Steel do the work.

Impact Soundworks has just launched a new guitar instrument called Pedal Steel!This is very different than our existing Shreddage series, as the instrument it’s based on is played in a very different way. With this instrument, we wanted to make it easy to get automatic glides, vibrato, and even harmonies without much automation.

To that end, we created several ways to play the instrument, including the unique “Harmonized Mono” mode which makes it easy to create multiple harmonies in real-time in just a single track.

See it in action on YouTube here:

Besides that, Pedal Steel has full NKS compatibility, our built-in CONSOLE mixer with 30 FX (amps, cabs, pedals), and lots of tweaking controls to adjust tuning, tone, key ‘touch’, etc. It’s available now for $149 w/ intro pricing and works in the free Kontakt Player.

To see a trailer of Pedal Steel: