Kush Audio Electra DSP Plugin

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Kush is back at it again by modeling one of their own brainchildren, the Electra Transient EQ. This EQ is very unique in its own right by offering 5 uniquely tuned frequency bands, a unique high pass filter, and (you guessed it) a uniquely behaving gain that focuses the frequency of your choice as you crank the level. Like a fine wine and cheese, Electra pairs the best parts of Equalization and Transients.

The Electra DSP is arguably the punchiest, tightest, most vibey eq to ever be found in digital form.  Meticulously modeled by UBK himself, this plugin is as close as it gets to the critically acclaimed and incredibly popular hardware of the same name.
The midrange filters automatically adjust their bandwidth as you vary the gain, and have an uncanny ability to find magical ‘pockets of soul’ inside the music and draw them forward, effortlessly.  This eq’s low end is absurdly tight and hits hard, your kicks and and bass will come alive.  The high shelf is electric and sparkling, and will wake up the sleepiest vocal or mix.  And if you thought all high-pass filters were the same (and boring), wait until you hear this one’s smooth magic.
Only Kush could do justice to their own hardware, and much like the Clariphonic DSP that came before, the Electra DSP delivers extraordinary power in an incredibly affordable package.

For more information, and to buy, visit http://www.thehouseofkush.com/#!electra-dsp/cef6
While we’re on the topic of Kush, you really should start listening to Kush Audio Creator Gregory Scott’s podcast with Nathan Schreier, UBK Happy Funtime Hour. If you’ve ever been curious to get extremely useful information by two professionals stuck in a room with a gas leak (in a good way), then you need to  subscribe and binge listen to the previous 22 episodes. At least go listen to Episode 22 “This is the sound of Neve”