McDSP AE600 Active Equalizer

Dynamic EQ is must have in the tool box given that more tracks being recorded in non treated environments. Sometimes EQ isn’t enough to tame harsh frequencies in a mix. Conventional methods sometimes render cuts in problem frequencies hollow, but active EQ can treat issues without losing fidelity. AE600 adds more bands to the already great AE400’s 4 bands.

McDSP is proud to announce the release of the AE600 Active Equalizer. The AE600 is a greatly improved version of McDSP’s TEC Award Nominated AE400 Active Equalizer, with more bands, more EQ and filtering options, and an improved user interface.
The AE600 has 6 completely independent fixed and active EQ bands. Every fixed and active band has its own gain, frequency, Q, and EQ mode controls. EQ mode options include parametric, proportional Q parametric, 5x Q parametric, Baxandall shelving EQ, vintage styled EQ, X-style shelving EQ, Baxandall shelving EQ plus filtering, and high and low pass filtering. All bands are completely overlapping and can use the input signal or selected side chain inputs to trigger the active EQ response. Each active band has its own threshold, attack, release, and ratio controls. Additional features include pre- filtering, a larger display, more metering options, and algorithm optimizations.

The AE600 is available at an introductory price of $149 Native and $249 HD until November 30th, 2016. AE400 users may purchase the AE600 for only $49 until November 30th, 2016.
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