Millennia Ships First HV-35

I actually own an HV-3 8 channel pre-amp and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it except that it is very fragile and if you don’t do everything right and use it a ton, channels will break, but I think they’ve probably fixed that with the 500 series.
Well today some lucky bastard got one..

Millennia’s HV-35 500 Series preamp module starting shipping the second week of May.  The first unit found its way to the Lunchbox of Donal Hodgson, multi award-winning engineer/producer, currently working with Sting.
“For me it was a no brainer when I heard that Millennia were releasing a 500 series mic amp.”
“I put 48 channels of HV-3D into Sting’s tour rig and I wanted access to that super clean pure sound in my portable 500 series rack.”
“The HV-35’s instrument input is fantastic.  Acoustic guitars sounds warm and very present.  I am extremely happy. If you have a 500 series rack you should have at least one HV-35, it’s that simple.”
The HV-35 mic preamp is Millennia’s acclaimed HV-3 circuit in a compact 500 Series module. The HV-35 features a front panel instrument input, DC coupled ribbon mic mode with 10dB gain boost setting, 80 Hz rolloff filter, 48V phantom, 15 dB Pad and Polarity flip.  The gain control is continuously variable.

Price on this bad boy is $718.00
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