Vienna Symphonic Library: Hybrid Reverb

Up until lately, I only thought Vienna Symphonic Library just made string libraries, but boy am I wrong. I just bought the Vienna Ensemble and it’s an extremely powerful plug-in and I bet this is no different. It seems to be a very intuitive reverb. Let’s see what they have to say about it.

The Vienna Symphonic Library team is introducing an all-new audio processing plug-in for their software bundle Vienna Suite. Hybrid Reverb combines convolution impulses with algorithmic reverb tails, providing extremely flexible editing options in an easy to use and intuitive plug-in. With the addition of Hybrid Reverb, Vienna Suite now includes 10 high-end audio processing tools for mixing and mastering with full 64-bit processing, supporting the formats AU, VST, VST3, and RTAS.
The Best of Both Worlds
Hybrid Reverb combines the natural perfection of convolution-based early reflection impulses of up to 1 second long with rich, larger-than-life algorithmic reverb tails for a more dynamic impression of the room. The result is a homogeneous and dense sound, meeting today’s most professional mixing standards. The easy to use graphical user interface is divided into two pages: “Browse View” features a Hybrid Overview Display – an overlay of both reverb envelopes with fast and intuitive access to the most important parameters. “Edit View” provides extremely flexible editing options in two separate convolution and algorithmic sections. In addition, users will benefit from a great variety of presets in the categories of room, chamber, church, hall, plate, scoring.

Introductory Offer
Customers who buy Vienna Suite through June 30, 2011 will get all 10 Vienna Suite plug-ins – including the new Hybrid Reverb – at the current price of €445 / US-$695. On July 1, 2011, the price of Vienna Suite will go up to €475 / US-$745. Existing Vienna Suite users may download the new software update at any time, free of charge. The full version of Vienna Suite with a free 30-day trial is available at the Vienna Symphonic Library web shop.
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