NF Audio Releases RD15 Deluxe Reamping & DI Box

Re-amping is a great concept and is overlooked a lot as a great option for guitarists or bassists. You split your amped signal and your dry signal and record them both so you can later take that dry signal and run it through another amp or through a plug-in amp emulator or even a POD if you’re into that sorta thing. Well the guys over at NF Audio have made this device to make re-amping even better and easier.

The NF Audio RD15 is an all passive, transformer based re-amplifying device and direct inject unit in one sturdy diecast enclosure. Take care of capturing your clean tracks and re-amplifying all with the one device!
The passive re-amplifying section features an identical circuit to that found in our flagship product, the RA10, which includes a continuously adjustable level control and adjustable output impedance .Both the DI and the re-amplifying unit employ the NF Audio TR10 microphone transformer, which is partly responsible for the RD15s smooth and detailed sound. The unit employs high quality connectors throughout including Neutrik TRS jacks, an Amphenol XLR connector, long-life Alpha potentiometers and precision 1% metal film resistors all hand-wired point-to-point inside a durable aluminium enclosure.

RD15 Features

  • TRS Line level input to re-amplifying section
  • TS instrument level output from re-amplifying section
  • TS instrument level input to direct inject section
  • XLR microphone level output from direct inject section
  • TS instrument level link output for connection to an amplifier from direct inject section
  • Adjustable level control on re-amplifying device for varying drive to tube amp inputs
  • Adjustable impedance control on re-amplifying device for mimicking the load created by different guitar pickups to the amplifier/pedals input
  • Phase reverse on both the direct inject and re-amplifying unit
  • Independent ground lift switch on both direct inject and re-amplifying unit

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