Presonus Central Station Plus

Ok, I can vouch for this product because I actually use a Central Station at Everything Recording’s in house studio, HSL and I couldn’t be happier with this one. When you’re running multiple monitor setups, testing out new speakers, and auditioning mixes, you need a transparent hub with very easy switching. I even have an Aux input ran to a headphone plug for those situation where a client wants to show you an idea. On top of that you get a talkback mic built in.
What makes this one better is they’ve bundled the satellite unit with it as well, taking out the strain of reaching across the console to switch or talk back to the person who is in the other room trying to warble through a dubstep track like Wynona Judd with a bladder infection… “A little less suck in the track please.”  Long of the short, for the money, this is the BEST control solution for any mid level professional or home studio.

The PreSonus Central Station studio-monitor control system and its CSR-1 remote control are widely considered standard equipment in commercial and personal studios, providing outstanding audio performance at a great price. In the past, the Central Station and its remote control have been separate purchases, but most people bought both; so PreSonus is now offering the two items exclusively as a single package, the Central Station Plus. With an estimated street price of $599.95, the new Central Station Plus package saves customers $50 over the previous separate purchases.
With no polarizing debate or political posturing, PreSonus is simply providing better value and helping customers avoid deficit spending without raising taxes.
Providing the perfect combination of stereo inputs, outputs, and recording-communication functions, the Central Station allows you to easily manage multiple audio sources and monitor speakers. Boasting an audiophile-quality, passive signal path, with no op-amps or ICs, it delivers pristine audio quality; the ability to switch between multiple analog and digital sources and three sets of speakers; fast, accurate metering; and all of the extras that make your studio work easier and more efficient, it’s obvious why the Central Station is the professional engineer’s choice for monitor control.
The CSR-1 provides remote control of volume, talkback, muting, input-source switching, and speaker-output switching. It is wired to the Central Station via a proprietary DB15 cable (included), enabling you to keep the Central Station in your rack and control it from your desktop, providing maximum convenience with minimum wiring.

Price on this is $599.95, which is considerably less than how much I paid.
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