One Last Xmas Idea

Oh crap!!! Its 3 days until Christmas and you KNOW that one family member is going to bring a complete stranger to Christmas and he’s not going to have anything open, which only adds more to the “awkward pie” of having some weird dressed musician sitting in the corner hanging all over your family member and then having every family member bring him up to you and say, “heyyyy this guy is a musician too.” Then you have sit there and have forced conversation about gear so you do the only thing you can to get out of it. You grab one of the millions of screaming kids running under you and run off yelling at their parents, “YOU NEED TO CHANGE THIS SMELLY KID.” So make this Christmas a little less awkward by buying something that will cover ALL musicians of almost any type, This Furman SS-6B power block. Odds are, he or she doesn’t have a power strip this nice to protect their home studio / guitar, keyboard, etc rig. $40 is a small price to pay to make the situation a little less awkward. And I promise you, I won’t be that weird musician at your house this year. I have a strict, “no major holidays” policy and plus, girls think I’m too attractive to approach.
To buy this ice-breaking gift, click HERE. Or you could just go to Urban Outfitters and get some skinny jeans and an ironic 80s T-shirt. Good grief musicians disgust me!
UPDATE: Think this musician is probably just the flavor of the month? Well buy them this, so you’re not putting too much money into this relationship. Save the fun stuff till next year if they show up. Either way, its not going to hurt you to have an extra power strip or instrument cable around. Lord knows yours are all worn out.