Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock

You know what I hate about watching most videos of bands in the studio? Well for one is that they’re usually in the studio I want to record and that the video is more about showing off the songs and the band than it is about the actual recording of the album. I’m sitting there trying to learn new tricks and ol moron number one is trying to be a comedian and moron two is whining and arguing with the producer because they think they know best. Wait, You’re saying Chet Haze is not trying to be a comedian with that rap?? No way… Now that video is just sad.
This video actually lets you see the production side of how Barresi puts his mark on the tracks he lays. Personally, I wouldn’t question Barresi if he used all Behringer and MXL mics because frankly the man is scary looking and has a track record for being a very “opinionated.” Granted he’s a genius and right almost all of the time, but he just is a little rough around the edges at times. Personally those are my favorite people because I was raised by an A-Hole.. LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Techbreakfast and On The Mark Media are proud to announce the
availability of our newest Master Series featuring infamous
producer, recording engineer and mixer, Joe Barresi
Joe has produced, recorded and mixed some of the greatest Rock music of
our time: such as Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Bad Religion, Kyuss,
Weezer, The Melvins, Parkway Drive, etc.
It is available for purchase here: Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock
Featured in the video is UK recording trio Zico Chain .. a high-energy alternative rock band.
Filmed entirely in High-Definition video over three days of live-tracking,
“Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock” takes you through the entire experience of
watching Joe and the band lay down all the tracks for a song in Joe’s studio.
Joe details his choices of mics, amps, out-board gear and his unique and sonically exquisite soundpath.
In addition, you can see how Joe uses his years of experience to guide how the sounds get put down.
This is a rare chance to peak “behind the scenes” in how a top-tier engineer does his craft.”

The video is $95.00 and if you buy, you even get a chance to email him a question about something he did in the video or just about recording in general. I’d use that to ask him for directions to his studio and any weak points in his security system… to ummm help him… keep more people out… and not at all to use for my benefit to break in and steal gear. That man is an intimidating dude and probably carries a gun.
For more info and to buy, Click HERE
Oh and HERE is a preview of the video