Giveaway: Gullfoss & Cinemasound

Who doesn’t like free? Who doesn’t like to learn? Well, if you don’t like either of those two, you’re on the wrong site. Gulfoss is an incredible EQ tool and Soundtheory, along with Cinemasound is giving away a copy of Gulfoss along with an instructional video for Adobe Audition.

Soundtheory has partnered with Cinemasound, the premier resource for audio-for-film education. Over the next 4 weeks, the two companies are publishing 4 instructional videos about using the intelligent EQ Gullfoss in post production, and each week, they are raffling off 1 license for Gullfoss and 1 free Cinemasound video course, a value of $250!

Mark Lewis, the founder of, has found Gullfoss to be an impressive tool for audio post work. He has written and presented four videos explaining how to use Gullfoss in the world of cinematic post-production. These videos provide a great resource for anyone wishing to use Gullfoss in audio post.

The first video in the series is “Gullfoss for Sound Effects in Post Production”, to be followed by videos covering Dialogue, Music and 5.1 Surround:


To enter the giveaway for a chance to win a license of the critically acclaimed EQ plugin and the video course “Adobe Audition 1-to-3”, go to