Presonus Helps Us Tune Drums

I don’t care how many millions of dollars in outboard gear you have and if you drank the blood of Chris Lord-Alge, but if you have poorly tuned drums, you can only go so far. Sure yes, there are plug-ins like Slate Digital Trigger, that will replace your drums for you but ask yourself this. Do you want to capture the drummer you are recording’s performance, or someone else’s. Ohhh someone elses, your drummer claims to be a human metronome but plays more like he has epilipsy? Well the just move on to the next post, but I must warn you, drums tuned right help!

Drummer Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett is a living legend. A spectacular
performer, he’s best known for his 30 years with Michael Jackson and
also has worked extensively with such A-list stars as Elton John,
George Michael, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. Moffett is beloved for his
melodic drumming, based around huge kits. In order to do his musical
magic, he tunes his drums very carefully and with specific goals in mind.
Now you can learn to tune drums like Jonathan Moffett, thanks to a
free instructional video from PreSonus! Although Moffett uses a
PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer, this is not a sales piece or product
demo; it’s simply a fascinating lesson in drum tuning from one of the
world’s great drummers, including brief but amazing performances.
Drum Tuning with Jonathan Moffett is a must-watch for every drummer,
drum tech, engineer, and producer. It’s available free on YouTube,
courtesy of PreSonus.

I’d post the video here, but my stupid WordPress is being an (Expletive) and won’t let me but HERE is this link.
UPDATE: This dude is nuts… It basically didn’t sound like music. It sounded like some dude with fancy Jazz hands playing different kicks. I see no music at all… This video is pretty useless… and this guy is a joke… Presonus makes videos like they make equipment… CRAP