Pro Tools Hotkey Matrix

I’m not sure how long this has been out but I stumbled across it the other day and I’m seriously considering buying it. Sure I know all of the shortcut keys to Pro Tools but why not have the most popular ones right at your finger tips. Enter the Hotkey Matrix. This little guy takes all of the alts, shifts, controls, and commands out of Pro Tools, giving you a quicker workflow, leaving you with more brain power to devote to mixing and tracking. It’s a great piece of gear for any Pro Tools user.

The Hotkey Matrix is a powerful control surface for Pro Tools. The concept is simple: one key, one command. Each of the 144 keys are color-coded, labelled, and mapped to a comprehensive set of Pro Tools commands. No more keyboard combinations. No more mousing through menus. Be more efficient, more comfortable, and work faster than ever before.

  • Efficient access to advanced Pro Tools functions via one-button commands

  • Plug & Play — no additional software to install or learn

  • Careful selection of useful functions based on years of production experience at DNA Music Labs

  • Reduces repetitive keyboard and mouse activity

  • Complements existing control surfaces

Price: $249.00
For more info, click HERE.