Tone2 RayBlaster Ambisphere

Rayblaster has turned the Virtual Synth industry completely over. I own Saurus and really like it a lot. Tone2 has really found a niche in both functionality and sound quality. From the samples I’ve heard of Rayblaster, it’s no different. Now they have added the new Ambisphere sound set upgrade to this stellar synth. This package is perfect for TV and Film, as well as adding a very unique touch to electronic and indie music.

Ambisphere is the ideal companion for Contemporary Ambient and Cinematic songwriting,
providing excellent inspiration for Ambient, TV and film composers.
Jam packed with sounds that will bring color to any piece of audio work, Ambisphere takes
you on an aural journey filled with organic atmospheres, complex soundscapes, gritty textures,
dark drones and evolving effects.
Utilising Rayblaster’s unique Impulse Modelling Synthesis (IMS) technology and 70MB of new
samples, each sound in Ambisphere’s 150 preset library has been carefully designed to provide
the depth, expression, complexity and beauty required to set the right mood.
Ideal for genres, such as Electronica, Soundtrack, Ambient, IDM, Industrial and many others.


Price: $49.00
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