Rumor Mill: Ultimate Ears Plays With Our Emotions

Hot off of the press from Harmony Central is this little ray of sunshine. Ultimate Ears is in collaboration with EMI’s Capitol Studios to make in ear monitors that you can mix on. This is great noise (typo but it works) for just about everyone who is in the recording industry. It gives you the convenience of being able to mix in just about any environment. Being away from home so much makes this ideal for those projects I need a rough mix on while gone. I don’t necessarily think this will replace a properly tuned room but I definitely think it will make mixing on the go just a little more accurate. My biggest complaint with most in-ear headphones is they try to compensate for lack of quality by boosting frequencies or making the headphones vibrate to give the simulation of quality (you know who you are.) Having a set of in ears with flat frequency response is a welcome change. Let’s hope this happens.