Slate Digital David Bendeth Signature Drums

Continuing on the celebrity engineer expansion packs for Steven Slate drums and Slate Trigger, Slate has released David Bendeth Signature Drums. David Bendeth is a go-to for a lot of rock bands as well as some groups in pop. He is a very versatile producer and engineer and has mixed artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, and Underoath and now you can have those trademark drum mixes on your own tracks.

David Bendeth’s drum sound is perhaps one of the most popularly discussed topics on pro audio forums all over the world.  Paramore. Underoath. Breaking Benjamin.  Everyone wants those tones.

His explosive drums have a unique sound that bends the lines between metal, rock, and even pop.

Now, you can use add these amazing drum sounds to your Slate virtual drum arsenal. David Bendeth Signature drums adds 5 new preset kits with a unique sound unlike anything in the Slate library.  David even mixed in the same classic one shot samples from his records to the top velocities of the kick snare and toms!

The SSD4 version is available today, and stay tuned later this week for the TRIGGER version!  Hear some great demos of the Bendeth kits at: