Softube is now AAX-64 with 2.0

Great news, Softube is now AAX-64 Compatible. The plugins run more efficiently and the upgrade is free for existing customers. I absolutely love the Softube Valley People Dynamite (review here) and use the Tube Tech and Trident plugins as well. Now I can put them into Pro Tools 11 with an all new coding that lets me add a lot more plugins without killing my DSP.

Today’s release of Softube’s plug-ins version 2.0 does not only entail support for AAX 64 bit across the entire product line. Furthermore, all plug-ins have been completely redone from the ground up utilizing the latest CPU techniques available, and most of them show a vastly improved CPU performance for all plug-in formats. The prices remain the same and the upgrade is free to current Softube users.
While Pro Tools 11 users will be happy to hear that Softube’s plug-ins are now available in AAX 64 bit versions and fully compatible with Pro Tools 11, they are not the only ones to get good news today.
One of Softube’s most popular plug-ins, Tube-Tech Classic Channel, now has a decreased CPU usage of circa 50% – meaning you can use almost twice as many instances as you could before at the same load of your computer’s processor. Summit Audio Grand Channel shows a circa 40% decrease while Vintage Amp Room, Bass Amp Room, Valley People Dyna-mite and Trident A-Range typically use 25-35% less CPU power compared to the previous versions. These examples are all for using the plug-ins in stereo and at 44.1 kHz sample rate.
It should be noted that Softube’s plug-ins generally have been among the most CPU-friendly on the market already in the previous versions, while still providing world class sound quality. The CPU improvements with version 2.0 comes at no sonic expense, the sound output is indistinguishable compared to previous versions.
Softube’s plug-ins version 2.0 is a free upgrade to all current Softube plug-in owners, and the purchasing prices remain unchanged. To upgrade, the user can simply download the new software from and follow the install instructions. The same file can be used for a 20 day demo license of our entire range of plug-ins.
Softube plug-ins version 2.0:
– Same world class sound as before
– Vastly improved CPU performance for most plug-ins on all plug-in formats
– AAX 64 bit support
– Free upgrade
– Unchanged prices
– 20 day trial license available to all (requires iLok)

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