Soo Soo Sorry

I know, I know… I haven’t been posting much. I have a really good excuse. OK no I don’t but I can make one up. I… was.. on a press junket with Charlie Sheen. See ehhh??!! Y’all didn’t know I had Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA did you? I’m on my own drug, EVERYTHING RECORDING. It causes explosive diarrhea and colorblindness. So its not really a fun drug but I bet it will catch on.
Anyways… I have been a bit busy with work stuff and some exciting things for the site but I promise we didn’t miss anything that important. Don’t worry… I checked. That’s the problem with the recording gear industry… you don’t really get hints and rumors because everyone’s got their panties all in a wad and they don’t want anyone copying their stuff so they keep it all secret until the last minute. Then you have to sell your first born to get on the press release list and if you don’t, you’re forced to a life of digging through the seedy areas of the internet for a story. Long story short, I want recognition for what I do for you ungrateful turds… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that, low butt sugar… what?? Its low BLOOD sugar… Ohhh… I always thought that was a weird expression.
Anywho, I will be back with a fiery, burning, itchy passion posting all of the newest updates I can find. And if I can’t find any, I’ll make some up. Hello… new $20.00 Telefunken U-47s.