SPL Brainworx Help Out UAD Plug-Ins

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Back to the task at hand, Bryan you keep using the same Universal Audio UAD pic for all of these posts. Well its tough to find appropriate pics for such a great occasion. Brainworx and SPL have teamed up with Universal Audio to make plug-ins for the UAD family of hardware driven plug-ins.

Universal Audio (UA), a leading
manufacturer of high-quality audio recording hardware and software,
today announced an agreement wherein two German-based companies, SPL
(Sound Performance Lab) and Brainworx, will become 3rd party audio
plug-in developers for the award-winning UAD Powered Plug-Ins
SPL and Brainworx, two of the audio industry’s most respected brands,
are also working with Universal Audio to finalize a software
development kit (SDK) that will allow other select developers of
professional audio plug-ins to create software for the UAD Powered
Plug-Ins platform, and to sell these plug-ins via UA’s online store —
located here.

Great stuff, compelling and rich!! Brainworx is the mastermind behind the SPL and Elysia plug-ins which I have featured a review of some of these to the right of this post.
For more info, run on over here