Garageband for iPad

We all know that if an Apple iPad were a female, I would probably attempt to convince it to marry me just so I could be in good with ol Steve Jobs and we would sit around a grow mustaches together and do stunts. Alas the iPad is not human and cannot be considered a life mate (plus people would look at me funny making out with it in the park) BUT the good folks at Apple have released a new iPad 2 and with that comes the release of Garageband for iPad.
This one looks alot like the OS X version but of course with a touch screen interface instead. You can choose to use a multitude of virtual instruments, loops, and other devices built in or you can track externally using the headphone port and / or devices such as the iRig or an ISP Breakout box for those bigger cabled instruments.
The instruments have pressure sensitive capabilities, allowing your piano to work as a real one would with different dynamics according to how much pressure you apply to each key. Also, you can palm mute the virtual guitar as well. Not too shabby. Still you might want to take lessons on how to do this from THESE GUYS.
Garage Band iPad will be available March 11th for 5$.