Overstayer Stereo VCA Compressor

Its Fat Tuesday and I’m dangerously close to the epicenter of this brazen, unholy day. Excuse me for one second *Lifts up shirt and gets pelted with beads. WHOOOOOOO….
Ok… where was I? Funny that the act of lifting your shirt and exposing your breasts (male or female) you get a plastic necklace… I digress. Want a cost effective stereo compressor that adds a musical tonal flavor to your mix? Aren’t we all? Well Overstayer Recording’s got a new one.

The Overstayer Stereo VCA compressor is meant for creative use on the ‘way in’ while tracking, and on the ‘way out’ while mixing, and anywhere in between. It has wide ranging timing controls, as well as blend and high and low frequency shelf eq boost controls, all continuously variable for quick and fluid shaping of dynamics and tone. The behavior of the compression is shapeable from gentle mix bus compression to aggressive pumping and extreme ambient and transient effects.

Introductory Price $799.00 + $30 Shipping and Handling (US, Canada, Australia)
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