Tama Simon Phillips Snares

I got this one from a random tip from someone by the name of “Simone Muffdangler” sounds French! about these new Tama Simon Phillips snares. Why am I posting about drum equipment on a mainly recording equipment website you say? Well that’s easy. You probably overlook this but a snare can make or break any song. The drum mix is the driving force in the song and if your kick and snare aren’t in tip top shape, your song will hurt for it. Its not that uncommon for a professional studio to have 10 – 20 snares on hand. Now most of us won’t need that many but you at least need ONE really good snare in the arsenal… Speaking of the Arsenal, strut dat @$$ over and watch this video.

Simon’s new main snare, which he appropriately christened “The Monarch”, produces regal, never-heard-before tones thanks to its unique construction and equally unique rims. The Monarch features an 8ply maple/bubinga/maple composite shell fitted with special “Customized Triple Flanged” hoops that offer slightly sharper attack than regular flanged Brass Mighty Hoops. The inspired combination of these original design ideas provides a remarkable combination of rich, warm controlled sound with a sharp and bright cut. His second main snare, “The Gladiator”, combines a 5.5″x 14″ size with a black nickel-plated bronze shell. His “The Pageant” model with its die-cast hoops and maple shell perfectly complements the Gladiator and Simon often uses it as the main snare on some tracks.

Wanna hear the snares in action? Of course you do so why don’t you stop re watching all of the lame superbowl commercials for a second and watch this.

Prices for these snares vary according to which one you want. For more info, click HERE