Dave Grohl: Enough Said

I was waiting for this. I knew Dave Grohl has an insane amount of analog gear and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he ditched all forms of digital recording and went all old school. I stumbled across this when I found the API Lunchbox post. Turns out Dave is using an API 1608 in his HOME FREAKIN STUDIO, which I might add is completely reel to reel. So basically this video below shows how they recorded their latest album. They use a method that some say is outdated but listen to the end result and try to explain yourself. NO Plug-in or digital hardware can get the mix he got out of that track. Video is HERE. Warning… there is some big boy language but what do you expect from one of the last real rock stars?
Now on to hear the end result, well a small clip of it. HERE