API Updates Lunchbox

Yessir its a saturday and I’m posting. Does he have a life?  Does he have friends? Has he even kissed a girl before? All of these questions and more will…. well they won’t be answered here. Lets all just assume I care about yall so much that I will post on weekends… Deal? Alright!
API, Creator of the fast growing 500 series modules has announced their new and improved version of their Lunchbox for the quickly growing 500 series modules. Who better to buy a module from than the people who invented the whole concept right? Exactly.

The API 500-6B lunchbox is a 6-slot rack designed to accept all API standard 5.25″ X 1.5″ modules. This quality allows an engineer the flexibility to bring along specialized EQ effects to any situation: 550A, 550b or 560. The lunchbox is self-powered with a rear panel selected AC voltage switch and a removable power cord. The input/output jacks are XLR. The lunchbox comes standard with a +48 volt internal phantom power supply, bussed to pin 15 for interface with the API 512c Mic Preamplifier.
API makes several modules for the 500-6B, including the 512c Mic Preamplifier, the 525 Compressor, the 527 Compressor, the 550A 3-band EQ, the 550b 4-band EQ and the 560 Graphic EQ. Combinations of these modules make perfect stereo recording packages (two 512cs and two 550bs) or vocalist’s box (one 512c, two EQs and one 527).

  • Holds 6 API standard modules
  • 215mA per slot
  • DB-25 connectors for easy input and output connection
  • XLRs to access channels 7 and 8 of the multipins
  • Power rail LED indication
  • Self-Powered, 100 to 250 Volts switchable, 47 to 63 Hz
  • Rubber feet & carrying handle for portability
  • Rugged steel chassis
  • Perfect for remote recording of Vocalist and Instruments

Right now its near impossible to get one because they’re already sold out of the first shipment but at $499, what else would you expect. Once I get over the dent in my bank account from building a studio, I’ll have to pick one of these up. I gotta start trying out some of these modules fast.
For more info, Click HERE