Universal Audio UAD Tonelux Tilt and Valley People Dynamite

We’ve featured a review of Softube’s version of the Valley People Dynamite (Here) and loved it. Now UAD users can get the same dynamic mangling creative plugin in Universal Audio’s DSP driven plugin suite. If that’s not enough for you, they are also offering the broad stroke EQ called the Tonelux Tilt. The Tilt features emulations of the circuitry of the hardware version of the same name.

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • July 8, 2014 — Universal Audio has released two plug-ins for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform and Apollo audio interfaces. Developed by Softube and available for purchase via UA’s Online Store, the Tonelux Tilt EQ and Valley People Dyna-mite plug-ins are part of new UAD Software v7.8.

Designed to speed up EQ workflow and enhance creativity, the Tonelux Tilt EQ Plug-In allows for quick, simple, and effective broad-stroke EQ moves. With the single Tilt control, engineers and producers can quickly mix as they go. Turn it to the right to cut lows and boost highs, turn it to the left to cut highs and boost lows. The Tonelux Tilt EQ Plug-In also models the transformer found in the Tonelux hardware, adding a subtle distortion for bass frequencies, fattening up the low end of a track.

The included Tilt Live EQ plug-in skips the transformer modeling, freeing up even more instances for live mixing. It also replaces the Gain control with a Boost Ceiling control, which keeps the output gain of the plug-in from being boosted no matter how much EQ boost is applied.

Key Features:

  • A one knob equalizer that quickly gets your mix in shape
  • Speeds up your workflow and makes mixing more intuitive
  • Models the entire Tonelux Tilt circuit designed by Paul Wolff
  • Smooth high and low pass filters
  • Two plug-ins included —Tilt EQ with transformer modeling, Tilt Live optimized for live mixing

The Valley People Dyna-mite Plug-In is an exacting emulation of the classic limiter/expander/gate designed by the legendary Paul Buff, who founded the historic PAL studio in southern California.

The Dyna-mite has enjoyed a fanatical cult following for over three decades and is considered a “secret weapon” by top engineers and producers. Although it can be used as a traditional limiter or expander, the Dyna-mite is also a creative tool capable of extreme, yet musical effects on a variety of sound sources.

The Valley People Dyna-mite plug-in offers the exact features and sonics of the famed hardware unit and can transform instruments with dynamic gating textures. It can be used for nearly anything from gently limiting and de-essing vocals, to demolishing the transients of any sound.

Key Features:

  • An exacting emulation of the original legendary 80s dynamics processor

  • Use it to limit, expand, gate or de-ess, with a wide range of uses

  • Limiter goes from abusively squashing to transient-enhancing spikiness

  • Expander/gate goes from strict and tight to subtly expanding by softening the soft sounds and bringing the louder sounds forward

Price (Tonelux Tilt) $99.00
Price (Dynamite)     $199.00

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