Warm Audio WA76

I’ve been wanting to post about this for a LONG time. A couple of days ago, Bryce posted this pic on his Facebook page, blew Gearslutz collective minds, and shot me an email letting me reveal this info. You have NO clue how hard is was to not shout this from the rooftop because this is a really big deal. I mean… how many companies are releasing a full fledged version of an 1176 at the price point that Warm Audio is planning to sell this bad boy at. Where are you going to find a faithful replica of the Rev D blackface Urei 1176 for $600?!!!! We WILL own several of these. Bryce has let us know that Everything Recording will get the exclusive review of this product. He just doesn’t know it yet, but he may not get the unit back!

  • Price is $599 US, 649 Euro inc VAT in Europe and 549GBP inc VAT in the UK.

  • CineMag transformers in and out. Same Reichenbach engineering output transformer design as original UREI version (CineMag now owns Reichenbach).

  • Rev D

  • High quality discrete signal path, even going the extra mile with some parts, including tantalum capacitors etc…

  • YES, it can do the “all in limiting”

  • Power supply is internal (like all WA products) power transformer external (as usual) it will not be a “wall wart” style but “line lump” so it doesn’t block space at the AC outlet like the WA12 power transformer does.

  • It is extremely musical, but still very transparent, the transformers hold up nicely when pushed. I’ve run some intense compression and it doesn’t sound “squashed” or “gross” even with drastic 20-25db’s of compression.

For more info, keep you eyes posted at www.WarmAudio.com